Scottish Highland Ponies
Raised in the Canadian Cariboo Mountains
These ponies are bred in northern British Columbia, Canada for shipment anywere on the continent

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Ann and Shadow

Along with the advent of a newly rekindled interest in the highland pony breed in North America, little did my Mum know what an exciting new project was in store for me and my husband, Ernie, when in 1996 Pat Scobie, Inverness Scotland sent four more Coulmore bred mares over to our ranch in the province of British Columbia, Canada! Then the following year my mother sought out and purchased Corryvreckan and Lewis bred by Sally Leslie-Melville to start the circle H Ranch line of Highland Ponies.

Glenbanchor Corryvreckan

At the tender age of 11 months, these two young colts arrived on Canadian Soil in April 1997. Both were totally undaunted by their epic voyage and took it in their stride, as is their wont, to settle into tyhe start of their life here in the Cariboo region of B.C. at an elevation of 3900 feet above sea level. They are, without a doubt, a prominent feature of our ranch, and as stable companions from the start, they are the best of friends, even to the point sharing their grub buckets together!

Glenbanchor Lewis

On the business front, they have thrown some beautiful foals through the Coulmore mares and have passed on their own particular genetics.

These colts have matured into two very versatile stallions. Corryvreckan has the potential of a "good ride" and I notice he has passed on his free movement to his offspring. Lewis is more of the garron type--very traditional and sure-footed.

It is indeed an exciting thought to realise that as only a few of us have Highland ponies, "The Boys," as they are fondly called by anyone who has met them, will be amongst the sires of the first blood of Highland ponies on this Continent, which I think is something they can be proud of!

Both are perfect gentlemen, and I'm sure the day will come when they will be included in Stallion Parades just to show off how proud we are to have them and to help promote this truly special and wonderful breed of pony.


July 5, 2005

These foals all landed in a whoosh in the first week of July!

Filly: Circle H Bumbleberry
Colt: Circle H Seaforth
Filly: Circle H Highland Lady

June 2005

Coulmore Katrina landed a beautiful filly foal named Circle H Honeysuckle who will hopefully be a future brood mare at the Circle H.

May 2005

Coulmore Katrina and Coulmore Blossom arrived from Scotland in May.